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Jamietug: Hey. I sent a screenshot. Did you get it?

DanielWar: Hello. And Bye.

binsemelt: Hej jestem z Polski. Dzieki za przyjecie. Moge pomoc w czyms?

binsemelt: Hej jestem z Polski. Hi i am from Poland. binsger

binsemelt: Hej jestem z Polski. Hi i am from Poland. binsger

Thegoask: hmm jak mozna takie cos zrobic?

Thegoask: hello. i am from poland. i uwielbiam was!

Thegoask: hello. i am from poland. i uwielbiam was!

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Willkommen bei Tea[M-V]ersuS. Zocken PS3 MW3 PSL 4on4 und GB.
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